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Shanghai – the upcoming November 30 release of GroupM China officially depth market research report “Aboriginal Today” shows that nearly one-third of Chinese tier market consumer mobile devices to access the Internet, compared to the figure 2009, an increase of 351%. Of which 20% of mobile Internet access is accomplished through smart phones.

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“Aboriginal today” is GroupM China launched the China market depth (four-tier market) research report, which contains a comprehensive qualitative and quantitative research study covering 28 Chinese provinces, 69 prefecture-level cities, 148 counties level cities, 408 counties, more than 10,000 valid samples.

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As China’s second-tier market has become increasingly saturated, for many brands, in-depth market expansion strategies directly affect the success of the next decade. For marketers,

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understanding the depth of the market needs of consumers as well as their products, brand awareness and acceptance of the status of various marketing mix, the key is to develop an effective marketing strategy depth. But China covers an extension, much of the population, changes fast,

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to get a comprehensive understanding of the depth of the consumer market, require large-scale and long-term sustained attention.

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